Hurst is committed as a group on doing business in a sustainable way and reducing our impact on the environment overall.

We have made a significant investment in an on-site Talbott Biomass Boiler at our manufacturing site in Bradford. Timber waste is now combusted in the boiler to generate heating and hot water for our factory and welfare facilities, so reducing the amount of wood waste we need to send to landfill. This investment alone has reduced our energy and running costs. It also reduces our reliance on natural gas and in turn reduces greenhouse emissions.

As part of our commitment to sustainable construction we always consider the future implications of building materials, construction services and building operations for each project we undertake.

Our Sustainability Aims as a group include:

  • To use whole-life costing.
  • To minimise carbon emissions during construction works.
  • To reduce staff travel.
  • To minimise and conserve natural resources.
  • To proactively create, manage and enhance wildlife habitats and natural landscapes.
  • To contribute to social and economic regeneration by employing a workforce to operate in an environment of zero accidents and incidents with appropriate arrangements for continual professional and personal development.
  • To respect local people and places, by involving and engaging local communities as part of our corporate social responsibility.