Wickes case study main

Project: Ground Floor, 16 Old Bailey

Client: Workplace Creations
Designer: Workplace Creations
Location: City, London
Programme: 10 weeks 
Sector: Office space

“Working closely with Hurst Joinery Projects was a privilege. Their expertise and attention to detail were evident throughout. From initial design to overcoming challenges like the unique curved planter, the end result was a stunning office environment.
I am happy to share my experience on the successful collaboration.”

Ollie Priest, Project Manager
for Workplace Creations.

Following the successful collaboration on previous projects, Hurst Joinery Projects was selected by Workplace Creations to undertake the transformation of a space in the City of London into a new CAT A+ Office Space. The goal was to create an attractive and modern office environment suitable for potential tenants. The client had specific joinery requirements, including an American Oak slatted feature wall, unique curved feature, core wall slatted panelling, teapoint shelves, and column claddings. Hurst was chosen for their reputation for reliability and expertise.


Hurst Joinery Projects played a crucial role in the project, starting with the design phase. They provided valuable consultations and recommendations for materials to ensure the desired outcome. Hurst’s dedicated team executed the installation with meticulous attention to
detail, ensuring a seamless and high-quality finish. The specific joinery requirements, such as the feature wall, curved planter, core wall slatted paneling, teapoint shelves, and column claddings, were manufactured and installed according to the client’s specifications.

Design Considerations and Special Features:
One of the notable design considerations was the creation of a unique curved feature planter, which presented a challenge due to its unconventional concept and shape. Hurst’s expertise and design input were instrumental in achieving this stunning feature.

Challenges Overcome:
The project faced a tight timeline, necessitating timely approval of drawings. Hurst Joinery Projects and Workplace Creations collaborated closely as a team, effectively addressing challenges and ensuring project delivery within the set deadlines.

Project Result:
The project was completed on time and within the allocated budget. The space now boasts a modern and attractive atmosphere, aligned with
the client’s requirements. Hurst’s expertise in joinery is evident in the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail displayed in the installed features. The client was delighted with the overall result and appreciated the high-quality workmanship delivered by Hurst Joinery Projects.