Hurst Stores and Interiors Limited are pleased to be currently working on further branch refurbishments for client Coventry Building Society. This is following four successful projects in Birmingham, Northampton, Nottingham and Swindon. The building society is seeking to create more spacious, community-focused, relaxed and friendly environments at its branches.


“Whilst other banks and building societies are closing branches at an alarming rate, we’re investing heavily in our network. Our multimillion-pound investment will ensure that we continue to meet the needs of our members and the local communities in which we serve.” says CBS chief executive officer Mark Parsons.


The new branch format is driven by CBS’s ‘Members First’ culture. Consequently the design is radically different removing the traditional teller counters and replacing them with open service points. This allows the CBS staff to better serve and deliver a more personal, human service whilst being more accessible to their members. Also the new design has allowed them to create spaces that cater to a range of open, semi-private and private conversations. So the customer can now choose whichever is most comfortable and appropriate to their needs.

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